Welcome to The Void Territories.

Our goal is to provide the player with a non-toxic and mature Rust experience. We welcome players of all types and abilities. From the grizzled veteran to the newest of noobs, we strive to maintain a friendly and helpful environment for all.

Our simple rules make gaming with us easy and worry free! Please read our "Rules" page for more information.

For live server data and BattleMetrics information, please see our "Data" page.

‚ÄčTo stay up to date on all the latest news, activities, and events please check out our "Blog" page.

‚ÄčIf you would like to get more information about our server, have any questions or comments, or want to reach out to an admin, please see our "Contact" page.


  1. DONT BE A DICK - This should be pretty straightforward, but apparently it needs explanation. Anything that could be considered hateful, rude, or griefing, and anything that would otherwise be intended to shit on someone or their experience will result in your swift removal. This is a mature server, so please show respect for each other. Our 3 strike policy does not apply to those with hate. If you are found to be involved in such, you will be kicked/banned without warning.
  2. FRIENDLY VILLAGE - A safe zone will be established for players who choose to build and live there. In this safe zone, also known as "Friendly Village", raiding, PvP, KoS, or any other behavior that wouldn't be defined as 'Friendly" will not be tolerated. Likewise, those that choose to live in the safe zone will not be allowed to participate in raiding, PvP, or any other un-friendly activities unless they are acting in self defense. Friendly Village rules can be found in the FV channel of our Discord server.
  3. ENGLISH ONLY / NO ADVERTISING - We are an English speaking server, located in the United States of America. We ask that you do not speak other languages in chat. It's nothing against you or the wonderful language you speak, it just that we don't speak Mandarin and have no idea what you are saying. Thank you for your understanding. Advertising of any kind will not be permitted and will result in immediate removal and/or ban. This includes users with names that contain website affiliation of any kind.


Please visit our Steam group for our most current Blog posts.